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HP DesignJet T630 T650 24-in 36-in A1 or A0 Plotter

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  • Description

    HP DesignJet T630 36-in printer

    HP DesignJet T630 and T650 A1 & A0 Plotter series offer users a choice of 4 variations:-

    HP DesignJet T630 24-in Printer 5HB09A

    HP DesignJet T630 36-in Printer 5HB11A

    HP DesignJet T650 24-in Printer 5HB08A

    HP DesignJet T650 36-in Printer 5HB10A

    T600 series has some strong environmental considerations, with a reduction in Carbon emissions from Manufacturing

    You can pick the lower priced T630 which offers A1 output in 30 seconds or the more productive Designjet T650 at just 26 seconds. The T650 even comes with an extended 2 Year on site parts and labour warranty, both models can have extended 3, 4 and even 5 year warranties added if desired.

    HP DesignJet T630 T650


    Featuring both an online roll feed of up to 50 meter paper and a cut sheet tray accessory for A3 or even A4 the T650 & T630 can automatically detect print sizes and auto-select media source, with no need for user intervention.

    The media roll on T650 is covered by a protective flip up dust cover this is an option on the T630 - both cut sheets and plotter paper roll can be replenished from the front of the machine


    HP DesignJet T650 24-inch control panel

    The DesignJet T600 Series also has the benefit of some strong Green Credentials with 30% of it's plastic components coming from recycled sources and a reduction in an estimated 7 tons of Carbon used to produce this model.

    HP have taken great efforts to consider environmental impacts within their design strategy and have made  subtle changes such as making the control panel more functional yet with less materials and flush to the top of the printer.



    HP DesignJet T630 T650All models have a compact footprint, in fact the smallest in the market and are supplied with Stand & Paper Basket.

    We offer a full Build & installation service at checkout but they're easilly assembled by users.


  • HP DesignJet T630 T650 Review

    First of all we'd like to say we're huge fans of the entry level DesinJet portfolio, they're always very reliable & feature rich but we feel that the T600 series was in urgent need of review, so customers can more easily navigate the confusion of an HP product segment which consist of 10 individual printers between the T200, T600 and STUDIO Series of Products - with very little to set them apart. 

    Since the launch of the original T120 & T520 which compromised of just 3 products this end of the HP DesignJet portfolio has jumped from 3 to 6 products and now 10 in the EU & UK (11 in North America) - so you may need a little help in deciding which is right for you.

    First of all you should note that the T630 and T650 can be bought in both A1 24" size and A0 36" so it's important you pick the review which is relevant to you, as such we will break the review in to two segments below based on either size.

    Our issue with the T600 series is that it is sandwiched between the lower cost T230 & T250 (only available in A1 size) and the HP DesignJet STUDIO, this offers the same functionality is more costly but has the benefit of being a Carbon Neutral Plotter - in fact the only one available from any manufacturer, as such with the T600 series HP are putting the responsibility on the customer of choosing if they'd like to pay less or be aspirational and green (or not!) - with the price point being higher on Studio HP didn't want to take a chance on making the decision for you. Additionally the DesignJet STUDIO has a marmite design - which we actually love and a retractable plot bin so there are some differentiators. 

    It should be noted that in the T600 HP have also concentrated on it's green credentials and it's body has 30% recycled plastic and they've reduced the Carbon Footprint for production - so it too has some environmental benefits

    HP DesignJet T630 24 inch A1 Plotter  5HB09A

    HP DesignJet T650 24 inch A1 Plotter  5HB08A

    So firstly the main differences between these 2 models, they're pretty much the same to look at but you should note the T630 does not come with the flip up roll dust cover which is an option coming in at around £60 it's also 4 seconds slower to print an A1 plot - that's right 4 seconds difference on an A1, you really won't notice.

    The final difference which is more notable is the the T630 comes with a 1 year warranty and the T650 a 2 year warranty, so if you're a customer who never buys a warranty then it's a nicety to have the 2 years - not that DesignJets are known for breaking down in the first few years of their lives, conversly if you do always buy your plotter with an extended service pack then the warranties are cheaper on the T650 due to the extra year upfront.

    The real question is whether you go for this or a  T230 or DesignJet T250, which are lower priced and with a few differences on options. T600 series comes with a stand, auto tray and (T650 only) roll dust cover, with the T230 T250 you can add these if you wish. A T230 with all the options added works out slightly less than a T630 without roll cover, it should be noted that the T230 has 512MB memory compared to 1GB on the T600 but you won't really notice this and in fact you may not want all the options so it's cheaper again.

    There are some other differences between the T200 series with print languages but as most printing is now done from the HP "Click" utility with PDF's it really does'nt matter.

    Our Pick - For us if you do not wish to go green with the Studio Product then we'd pick the T650 24" and jump the T630, with T630 you may as well opt for a T200 and add the options you desire, rememeber this is a very small product easilly popped on a desk or even on a shelf so you may not want the stand and as that's around £155 which is bordering on a 20% saving on it's own, then add the cut sheet auto-tray and you've got a lower priced good all rounder.

    Best A1 Plotter Review- Read the Report Here


    HP DesignJet T630 36 inch Plotter 5HB11A

    HP DesignJet T650 36 inch Plotter 5HB10A

    Physically the T630 & T650 A0 DesignJet Plotters are pretty much the same, the T630 does not come with the flip up roll cover & is 5 seconds slower on an A1 print, it should be noted in 36" width the roll cover can not be purchased as an option.

    With the T630 & T650 36-inch again we go to our opening statement of where this product sits in the portfolio, there are no T230 or T250 A0 options so the T630 is HP's entry level lowest priced A0 plotter, but the T600 series is awkwardly positioned below 2 very good products, the sustainably designed STUDIO 36" which is a dream for passivhaus architects and environmentally conscious businesses who need large format printing and then the DesignJet T730.

    Here lies our problem with the DesignJet T730  you have a product that is only fractionally more to buy than a T630, that is of more robust design and will probably give you a longer life expectancy BUT crucially also uses bigger inks, which per ML over the life time of the machine will negate the additional capital / rental cost, in fact the ink that comes out of the box when aquiring a T730 pretty much offsets the price difference in one go. Ok, it doesn't have the green credentials of the T600 but if it last longer and you're not recycling the much larger ink cartridges so frequently then you're heading in the right direction anyway

    Our Pick - If you're constrained by budget then go for the DesignJet T630, the only reason to buy one of these units is price & the T630 is the lowest price, if you've got a little more budget then buy the T730, if you want good looks and to be truly Green then please do go for our favourite HP plotter the DesignJet STUDIO.




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