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Epson SureColor SC-P5000 VIOLET SPECTRO 240V 17" A2 Large Format Printer (C11CF66001A7)

  • Description


    Epson SureColor SC-P5000 VIOLET SPECTRO 240V 17" A2 Large Format Printer (C11CF66001A7):  This printer will truly distinguish your work. Not only through its 11-colour Epson UltraChrome HDX ink set, but through innovative printhead and ink technology that delivers exceptionally accurate dot placement. This gives photographic and fine art professionals the effortless ability to create professional-quality prints that recreate their vision in perfect detail.

    For additional precision, the optional inline SpectroProofer ensures consistent, repeatable colour accuracy whatever media you’re using, rapidly measuring control strips and colour charts when creating ICC profiles and print verification results.  

    With Violet Ultrachrome HDX inkset the Epson SureColor SC-P5000 Violet 17" Printer delivers near perfect 99% Pantone® Solid Coated Colour matching accuracy making it a fantastic choice for superb quality proofing, fine art and photographic applications.



    GIVE YOUR WORK THE QUALITY IT DESERVES:  The SC-P5000 gives you everything you need to recreate stunningly accurate prints with unfading quality. Even with projects that demand very specific colours and the finest photographic detail, you can rely on Epson’s Variable Size Droplet Technology that uses droplets as small as 3.5 picoliters with high resolution of up to 2880x1440 dpi to create vivid prints that are true to life on a wide range of media. For true colour and intense blacks, Epson’s UltraChrome HDX ink delivers black ink at an increased optical density due to the high number of pigments in the ink.



    Compact and with a small footprint, the SC-P5000’s elegant and modern design is perfect for any office or studio. For fine art applications, this printer, using Light Light Black ink, offers a high level of performance and nuance, allowing artists to turn art into gallery-quality reproductions that are true to their original. For the professional photographer who needs a high-quality precision printer, the SC-P5000 with Light Light Black ink delivers the sharpest detail with brilliant, accurate colours. 


    SC-P5000 - BANNER 1


    CONSISTENT PRODUCTIVITY:  The It’s capable of producing large volumes of print unattended due to a number of intuitive features that boost productivity and provide consistently smooth operation. Thanks to new innovations which protect the device against dust, you can now produce remarkable designs and images without unexpected interruptions getting in your way. With automatic fast-speed nozzle checking to prevent clogging, dust intrusion deterrent, anti-static prevention and Timer Cleaning function, the SC-P5000 delivers all the performance you could ever want from a photo and fine art printer. It also currently holds the largest cartridge on the market at 200ml, providing economic and efficient printing.


    SC-P5000 - BANNER 5 (APPLE)


    EVERY MINUTE DETAIL MATTERS:  Epson’s PrecisionCore TFP printhead technology, in combination with Epson’s UltraChrome HDX ink set with eleven colours, reproduces every detail, tone, texture, and brush stroke of the original artwork or photo, delivering unrivalled accuracy in all your printing and proofing work.



    • Perfect proofing printer: Up to 99% Pantone Solid Coated Colour accuracy
    • Outstanding reliability: Reliable day-to-day operation and reduced maintenance
    • Excellent print quality: Ultrachrome HDX inks offer bright, lasting results
    • Simple setup and operation: A range of features to ensure easy set-up and media handling
    • 17-inch printer with violet ink: The first and only 17-inch large format printer with violet ink for proofing
    • Optional inline SpectroProofer: Ensures consistent, repeatable colour accuracy


    SC-P5000 - BANNER 2



    • Fine Art Gallery Quality Reproductions
    • Proofing
    • Photography
    • Graphic Design


    INTUITIVE OPERATION:  A step-by-step guide on a colour LCD panel intuitively turns advanced tasks into colourful, high quality prints with minimal user-intervention, training or set up time. From loading media, to managing automated nozzle checks and the SC-P5000’s intelligent cleaning function, the LCD panel helps you perform any operation with ease.


    SC-P5000 - BANNER 3



  • Overview

    SC-T5405 & SC-P5000_OVERVIEW_PLOT-IT

  • Tech Specs


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  • What's included

    • Epson SureColor SC-P5000 Violet Spectro 240V
    • Driver and utilities (CD)
    • Individual Starter Ink Cartridges (80ml)
    • SpectroProofer
    • Power cable
    • Setup guide
    • Software (CD)
    • User Manual (CD-ROM)
    • Warranty document

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  • Product Caption

    Epson SureColor SC-P5000 VIOLET SPECTRO 240V 17" A2 Large Format Printer (C11CF66001A7) Brochure