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Shining 3D Transcan C Desktop Scanner (Inc. Tripod & Turntable) (6970163084336)

  • Description


    TRANSCAN C MAIN BANNERShining 3D Transcan C Desktop Scanner (Inc. Tripod & Turntable): 

    This professional-grade 3D scanning solution is engineered for professional applications, offering unparalleled resolution and accuracy for scanning objects across diverse industries. With adaptable scanning ranges catering to different object sizes, it seamlessly transitions between three resolution levels within a single project, optimising detail and efficiency. The inclusion of 12 MP professional colour cameras ensures the creation of vivid and intricate textured 3D models, providing a comprehensive representation of the physical object.

    The slide-rail mechanism facilitates effortless adjustment of the scanning range, accommodating objects of varying sizes with ease. With the ability to switch between dimensions of 150mm x 96mm and 300mm x 190mm, it ensures efficient scanning operations tailored to the specific requirements of each object.


    The scanner's compact design delivers impressive precision, boasting an accuracy of 0.035 mm at its inner position and 0.05 mm at its outer position. These exceptional results are highly beneficial across numerous applications requiring precise measurements.

    Equipped with dual 12 MP professional color cameras, this cutting-edge scanner meticulously captures a detailed 24-bit color map, faithfully reproducing the authentic colors of the scanned object. Whether for virtual display or other applications requiring precise color 3D data, the Transcan C stands as the optimal solution.

    Utilizing the turntable, the scanning process operates entirely automatically, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Enhanced by the stitching algorithm within the scanning software, this guarantees the seamless acquisition of 3D data with optimal efficiency. The software interface streamlines the operation process through intuitive guidance, empowering users with powerful tools for effortless optimisation of scan results.

    At its inner position of 150mm x 96mm, the scanner achieves an impressive minimum point distance of 0.0375mm (resolution), enabling the faithful reproduction of intricate surface details with exceptional precision.

    The Multi-Resolution Fusion Algorithm allows a mixture of 3 levels of resolution of high, medium or low in one project for complex scanning tasks, which highly improves efficiency without duplication of work.


  • Tech specs


    Light Source White LED Light
    Calibration Mode Manual calibration
    Scan Mode Structured-light scan with automatic turntable
    Scan Range 150mm x 96mm丨300mm x 190mm
    Single Shot Accuracy 0.035mm丨0.05mm
    Scan Speed <70s (8 scans/turn without texture); <3s (single frame without texture)
    Texture Color RGB 24-bit color
    Texture acquisition method Fully automatic soft light shooting
    Texture Map 12 mega pixels, high fidelity color
    Align Mode markers alignment; feature alignment; manual alignment
    Working Distance 260mm丨480mm
    Point Distance 0.0375mm;0.075mm;0.114mm丨0.075mm;0.154mm;0.23mm
    Data Format OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, 3MF
    Working Temperature Indoor, room temperature
    System Win10; 64-bit
    Recommended Computer Configuration Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX/RTX series cards, higher or equal to GeForce RTX 1060; Video memory: ≥4 G; Processor: I7-8700; Memory: 32 GB
    Size Host module: 332mm x 110mm x 142mm (bare machine size) Tripod components: 475mm x 120mm x 120mm (bare machine size) Turntable module: 320mm x 320mm x 68mm (bare machine size)
    Weight Host module: 2.7KG (net weight) Tripod assembly: 2.2KG (net weight) Turntable module: 2.1KG (net weight)
    Maximum Turntable Load-Bearing Capacity ≤10 KG
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    Shining 3D Transcan C Desktop Scanner (Inc. Tripod & Turntable) (6970163084336) - QUICK START GUIDE

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    Shining 3D Transcan C Desktop Scanner (Inc. Tripod & Turntable) (6970163084336) - DATA SHEET