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HP Latex 360 Printer B4H70A

HP Latex 360 64" Printer B4H70A

  • Description

    The HP Latex 360 Printer features a number of significant innovations that take you beyond the limits of eco-solvent printing, creating new opportunities to expand your business.
    HP's third Generation in Latex printing delivers a lower curing temperature reducing your running cost, allowing you to print on even more medias & substrates including thin polyethene and Self Adhesive vinyls normally seen used in solvent or Eco-Solvent technologies, along with the first time Prous and High Saturation textiles (Latex 360 only) With an unrivalled output quality and speed the 64 inch print width HP Latex 360 is a diverse workhorse.
    Water-based HP Latex Inks combine the best characteristics of solvent inks and water-based inks,, you can obtain outdoor durability and versatility across all common media types used in sign & display applications, together with high-quality, odorless prints & low maintenance.
    Beat client expectations for Quality & Durability
    • Consider unlaminated use with scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks   on SAV and PVC banner
    • Deliver with confidence—outdoor prints last up to 5 years laminated or 3 years  unlaminated
    • Produce sharp, consistent, repeatable image quality with high efficiency  curing, 6    colours and 1200 dpi
    • Print on traditional signage substrates and beyond— up to 64 inches — print textiles    with the 360 Latex ink collector
    Handle highly demanding turnaround times
    • High quality at high speeds—31 m2/hr high-speed outdoor quality with HP OMAS    and HP Latex Optimizer
    • Reach production speeds and avoid wait time—prints come out  completely dry,  ready to finish and deliver
    • Save time— HP Custom Substrate Profiling and i1 embedded spectrophotometer,  makes ICC profiling easy
    • Increase production time and reduce time monitoring the printer— automatic, reliable, low-maintenance printing

    High-efficiency curing High-speed, consistent and repeatable image quality with low power consumption: 

    17 m2/hr (183 ft2/hr) indoor quality
    31 m2/hr (334 ft2/hr) high-speed outdoor quality
    91 m2/hr (980 ft2/hr) maximum print speed
    HP 831 Latex Inks Take advantage of the versatile, durable performance
    of HP Latex Inks:
    • Scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks on SAV and PVC banner—
      you can consider unlaminated use for short-term signage
    • Prints are completely cured and dry inside the printer and ready for immediate      finishing & delivery
    HP Latex Optimizer Achieve high image quality at high productivity:
    • Interacts with HP Latex Inks to rapidly immobilize pigments on the surface of the    print
  • Quick Specs

    Printing modes
    91 m²/hr (980 ft²/hr) - Max Speed (1 pass)
    31 m²/hr (334 ft²/hr) - Outdoor High Speed (4 pass)
    23 m²/hr (248 ft²/hr) - Outdoor Plus (6 pass)
    17 m²/hr (183 ft²/hr) - Indoor Quality (8 pass)
    14 m²/hr (151 ft²/hr) - Indoor High Quality (10 pass)
    6 m²/hr (65 ft²/hr) - Backlits, Textiles, and Canvas (16 pass)
    5 m²/hr (54 ft²/hr) - High Saturation Textiles (20 pass)
    Print resolution Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
    Margins 5 x 5 x 0 x 0 mm (0.2 x 0.2 x 0 x 0 in) (without edge holders)
    Ink types HP Latex Inks 831
    Ink cartridges Black, cyan, light cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow & HP Latex    Optimizer
    Cartridge size 775 ml
    Printheads 6 (2 cyan/black, 2 magenta/yellow, 1 light magenta/light cyan, 1 HP Latex    Optimizer)
    Colour consistency <= 2 dE (95% colors)
                                          <= 1 dE average16
  • FAQ's

    Here some frequently asked questions on the Latex 310, Latex 330 & Latex 360  they are not exhaustive so pelase contact us for more information
    Q What is the lowest and cheapest economy mode I can use for banners? Is it
    possible to use 2 pass?
    This all depends on the viewing distance and what is acceptable by the end customer. The HP Latex 360 Printer for instance can reach a maximum speed of 1 pass. However for final production on outdoor applications on banner medias it is recommended to use a minimum of 4 to 6 passes. A full list of print modes are available in the data sheets.
    Q Can I print borderless posters (full bleed printing)?
    Borderless printing is not recommended by the any of the HP Latex 300 Printer. It is up to your own discretion if you wish to print borderless using the ink collector kit on the HP Latex 360 Printer - this is not an option on the Latex 310 or Latex 330
    Q Can the L300 series print unattended with the take up roll?
    Yes. The printers can run completely on their own to complete a full roll of media reel to reel. All that you would need to ensure is that you have enough consumables to last the print job. The Latex 310 take up reel is an optional extra.
    Q What substrates can the cutter trim?
    Only the HP Latex 360 Printer is fitted with an on-board x axis cutter. There is a list of substrates that can be cut in the user guide. The cutter can trim all papers, self-adhesive vinyls and backlits. Banners and textiles cannot be cut and will require
    manual trimming.
    Q How long does the printer take to start printing (wake up/warm up times)?
    The following are the time combinations to ready mode:
     Warm up: 1.5 minutes
     Wake up and warm up: 3 minutes
     Cold start (printer switched off) and warm up: 7 minutes
    Q What is the minimum supported substrate width?
    For all models it is 254mm (10in). Please note that the minimum travel width of the carriage will be 54 in for all substrates under this size.
    Q Are the two spindles identical so I can use them double sided printing by just
    swapping them around?
    Yes. They are completely identical. Take up reel is optional on Latex 310 and the Latex 360 is the only model to support OMAS double sided printing.
    Q What is the maximum media thickness that the printer can accommodate?
    The maximum tested thickness is 0.5mm.
    Q Is the take up reel an upgrade option with the HP Latex 310 model?
    Yes. The 54in take up reel can be purchased as an accessory.
    Q Can I print porous substrates on the HP Latex 310 or HP Latex 330?
    The HP Latex 360 Ink Collector kit cannot be retrofitted to the other models to print on porous textiles. However there are textiles available on the market with a backing liner which allows you to print without the use of an ink collector kit. Please consult the HP media Solutions Locator for supported media or contact us directly.
    Q How long will the Latex 360 ( D8J24A) ink collector kit last?
    It all depends on the porosity of the textile being printed and the number of passes. Based on a worst case scenario of printing with mesh, it is recommended to replace the HP Latex 360 Ink Collector foam inserts after one complete roll of 30 meters has been printed.
    Q How do I search for a media pre-set if it is not available on the printer’s front
    You have several options available to search for HP or 3rd party substrate brands:
    1. Search online from the front panel which connects directly to the HP Media Solutions Locator database. Here you can download and install a substrate to the printer.
    2. Use the printers embedded web server on the RIP workstation to import a substrate pre-set from the HP Media Solutions Locator which will then update and install it on the printer.
    3. Download the pre-set directly from HP Media Solutions Locator and then install the pre-set on your RIP software. Please be aware that any 3rd party media profiles downloaded outside of the HP Media Solutions Locator may not sync with the printer if they are not digitally signed.
    Q Do all the front panel menus on the HP Latex 300 family have the same features?
    Yes. With the 4.3 inch menus all you need to do is to swipe or scroll the screen to see the full menu options.
    Q What is the warranty and average expected usage of the HP 831Latex Printheads?
    The warranty on the printheads is 1 litre and are expected average is 4 litres.
    Q Are the ink cartridges hot swappable while printing?
    If an ink supply runs out during printing the printer will pause the print job and display an alert on the front panel. You will have 30 minutes to install a new supply and will not have to reprint the same job if you replenish within this time frame.
    Q Why is latex 1200 dpi while solvent have 1440dpi?
    HP 831 Latex Printheads are native 1200 dpi, in fact solvent printheads are only 180 or 360 dpi maximum. In order to achieve the 1440 dpi competitors need to use software to interlace passes to form a grid of that resolution. This process can only be achieved with perfect substrate advance accuracy and is very difficult to manage. Considering they do not have an optical movement advance sensor it is not always guaranteed that 1440 dpi is being achieved all the time.
    Q What does the HP Latex Optimizer do?
    HP Latex Optimizer enables high quality at high speed. HP Latex Optimizer consists of positively-charged (cationic) polymers suspended in a colourless, water-based ink vehicle. It reacts with the ink pigments which are negatively-charged (anionic) to rapidly immobilize them on the print surface. This produces sharp text and image detail by suppressing feathering and colour bleed especially at high productivity levels.
    HP Latex Optimizer also enables the drying and curing process of the HP Latex Inks to operate at lower temperature and to be more energy efficient, which has the additional benefits of allowing wide media support and reduced power consumption.
    Q Does it cost more to print with latex optimizer?
    Typical HP Latex Optimizer usage is around 12% of total fluid (ink + optimizer) usage.
    The use of optimizer allows the coloured inks to be used more sparingly, and as a result the use of optimizer has no impact on overall print costs. Results show that the total amount of ink fluid is the same and is not incremental.
    Q How many media profiles can I find on the media solutions locator?
    Approximately 250 will be available and intend to add more as they are tested. Note that those profiles will be usable for any RIP due to printer being contone
    Q What is the difference between halftone and contone printing?
    In Halftone printers, the whole colour management and workflow settings are controlled by the RIP so a specific media profile has to be generated for each RIP and media print mode combination.
    In Contone printers, most of the colour management and workflow settings are done inside the printer as media profiles are now on board the printer. This means that the “click to print” time is significantly reduced as RIP processing is now significantly quicker.
    Q With no spectrophotometer in the HP Latex 310 and 330 models, will there be a
    higher likelihood of colour inconsistency?
    There is another sensor on the carriage of all the three models called the line sensor which measures for colour consistency on the HP Latex 310 and 330. However the main contributing factor to excellent consistency is the lower operating temperature of the 3rd generation printheads and lower printzone temperature which ensures a consistent and accurate drop ejection resulting in consistency across print jobs to a level of 2dE 2000 for 95% of colours.
    An additional advantage of having the spectrophotometer is that you can get consistency between HP Latex 360 printers also to a level of 2dE200 on 95% of colours.
    Q Is SAI a HP developed RIP and how will it be support by HP?
    SAi FlexiPRINT is developed by SAi in close cooperation with HP based on SAi’s well-known product FlexiPRINT. The SAi FlexiPRINT Basic Edition is bundled with each HP Latex 310 and HP Latex 330 printer and will be fully supported by HP.
    Q Why does the HP Latex 360 not come with a RIP in the box?
    The market that the 360 is targeted will normally already have a RIP solution in place, hence the decision not to include it in the package.
    Q I have a contour cutter, does the included basic RIP support these cutter marks?
    The SAi Felxiprint HP Basic Edition does not include the cutter marks. Customers have the option to upgrade to the SAI Premium version which supports contour cutting. Alternatively Graphtec or Summa offer cutter plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator to insert cutter marks. Additionally a number of third party RIPS can be used seamlessly.
    Q How long does the HP 831 Latex Maintenance Cartridge last?
    Based on average operating conditions the maintenance cartridge should last for up to14 litres of ink consumed. This ranges between 2.9 litres to 3.6 litres per month, meaning that the cartridge needs to replace every 3 to 5 months based on average usage.
    Q How is the HP Latex 300 durability (scratchability) compared to eco/hard solvent, printed on banner and SAV?
    It is comparable to hard solvent on SAV and banners with better performance than eco solvent. This means with HP Latex 300 prints you can avoid the complexity of lamination for low value, short duration jobs like seasonal window graphics, low
    value stickers, roll ups and pop ups, and all kind of short term event graphics. For un-laminated use, it is recommended to validate or test the suitability for your specific applications.
    Q Can I benefit from HP WallArt software if I purchase a HP latex 300 printer?
    Yes, all HP Latex printer owners will have free access to use HP WallArt software.
  • Latex 300 Series Comparison Table

    Printer comparison table
                                                  HP Latex 360                   HP Latex 330                 HP Latex 310
    Size                               1,63m/64in wide             1,63m/64in wide            1,37m/54in wide
    Max Load capacity                   42kg / 250mm (9.8in)                                    25kg / 180mm 
    Power connection          Two-phase power socket  16A +16A                 Standard plug 
                                                          (16A + 3A with 330)                                       (13A + 3A)                                                                     
    RIP in the box                  No                                    Yes                                         Yes
    Take up roll                     Yes                                   Yes                                       option  
    Warm up time               1.5 mins                       1.5 mins                                1.5 mins
    Front panel                       8 inch                          4.3 inch                                 4.3 inch
    ICC color profiling     Yes- embedded                                  No - external 
    Double sided printing      Yes                                                 No                                              
    Energy consumption      4.6kW                           2.6kW                                     2.2kW
    Spindle core size            3 in                                            2in with 3in adaptor
    Ink collector kit for
    textiles                             Yes                                   No                                               No
    In line x cutter                 Yes                                   No                                               No


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