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Canon imagePROGRAF GP-2600S 24” Printer (6411C003AA)

  • Description

    CANON GP-2600S MAIN BANNERCanon imagePROGRAF GP-2600S 24” Printer (6411C003AA):

    Canon GP-2600S

    Produce striking photographs and premium posters with stunning colour accuracy and lasting quality. Push the limits of creativity with an expanded colour palette. The new GP series printers are equipped with a seven-colour system perfect for chain retail, franchise stores, and boutique photo shops alike, empowering you to redefine your creative horizons.




    The new series comprises three models— the 60”/1524mm imagePROGRAF GP-6600S, the 44”/1118mm GP-4600S, and the 24”/610mm GP-2600S. These models succeed the imagePROGRAF PRO-6100S, PRO-4100S and GP-2600S respectively.

    imagePROGRAF GP Series_Magnificent 8 GRAPHIC



    With the imagePROGRAF GP 7-colour series, you can dive into a world of captivating corporate colours and enhanced black density for greater depth.

    The imagePROGRAF GP 7-colour series goes beyond ink - it will help you create premium posters with exceptional print quality - perfect colour gradation, total colour accuracy and most impactful colours.


    Unlock an eye-catching spectrum of colours with PANTONE1 precision, thanks to the innovative new LUCIA PRO II ink formula, esepcially new orange ink. You can look forward to an enlarged colour gamut with wide PANTONETM coverage.

    So, businesses can print with confidence that they can produce eye-catching posters, with corporate colours reproduced with striking accuracy.


    Don’t just print images that look good today – with the imagePROGRAF GP 7-colour series, you can produce stunning prints that will last a lifetime.

    The new LUCIA PRO II ink formula featuring a special high light-resistance pigment that will preserve your prints for 200 years, with the improved light-fastness protecting against light damage without affecting colour development. And scratches are nothing to be feared either, with high scratch resistance ink for more durable prints.


    We’ve designed the imagePROGRAF GP 7-colour series to be a printer you can rely on to get the job done.

    Print head management has been improved – with print head monitoring and auto alignment adjustment, issues relating to print heads and ink ejection are spotted before printing begins, minimising colour shift and image deterioration to ensure print quality is always reliable.


    Looking for a printer that allows you to get more done? The imagePROGRAF GP 7-colour series offers a range of features to help you print superior images, quickly, and without downtime.

    Automatic media loading streamlines your workflows – simply place the roll in the feeder and the printer takes care of the rest, detecting media type and remaining media levels. The dual roll enhances productivity further, allowing a single printer to take on multiple jobs using different paper types. And with high capacity hot swap ink tanks and the mirrored ink arrangement, you can print at high speed while minimising downtime.


    With the imagePROGRAF GP 7-colour series, you don’t need to choose between quality and ease of use – its designed with simplicity at its core.

    Transform your workflows with easier media handling and simplified settings that save you time. The media configuration tool makes it easier to register custom media. Free size Borderless Printing helps reduce time spent on trimming borders for posters. And a new LED interior light and roll media size indicator help you keep track, backed by a 4.3” display with improved user interface for easy access to important information.


    Stay ahead in the competitive business landscape. The imagePROGRAF GP 7-colour series allows you to create eye-catching posters and photographs in-house for flexibility and time saving.

    It seamlessly integrates with various software, including PosterArtist, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop, to help you create posters, banners, and flyers, ensuring accurately striking corporate colours without the need for extra training.


    A sustainable approach to printing Sustainability has never been more important to businesses across the world. It’s why we designed the imagePROGRAF GP 7-colour series to be an environmentally conscious choice.

    It’s EPEAT Gold rated for lower power consumption during both operation and power-off. And we’ve also used less expanded polystyrene (EPS) in the packaging, too.





    The new 7-colour LUCIA PRO II ink set used with the new imagePROGRAF GP series includes orange, which reproduces more vivid, eye-catching colours, and grey, which smoothly reproduces skin tones, for example. As a result, the colour gamut reproducible by the new imagePROGRAF GP series accurately hits 96% of the PANTONE™ FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated’ sample book, making the series ideal for printing corporate colours.




    In addition, the newly developed LUCIA PRO II ink achieves excellent light resistance and can be stored for a long time in high image quality, enhancing the print value of not only photos but also fine art. In addition, it does not scratch or scratch on the surface of glossy paper, and it realises easy handling of works.


    Produce vibrant, true-to-life colours that mesmerise, with enhanced black density to imbue your photographs and posters with unprecedented depth. The new imagePROGRAF GP range delivers absolute colour precision, flawless coluor transitions and boasts extensive PANTONE™ coverage, ensuring every detail of your vision is faithfully rendered.



    The new imagePROGRAF GP series ensures effortless operation and heightened efficiency. With an ink ejection status monitoring system, simplified settings, and seamless media handling, productivity is amplified. Dual roll functionality enables simultaneous loading of different media types and sizes, facilitating seamless transitions between matte and gloss paper without workflow disruptions. Furthermore, with accelerated automatic media feeding, loading times are slashed by approximately 40%, further enhancing productivity.

    The newly developed ink sensing system periodically monitors ink ejection detecting deterioration of ejecting conditions and automatically performing alignment adjustment, printing can be continued without deterioration of images. The intelligent media handling system, which automatically detects the paper width, type, and estimates the remaining amount of paper in a shorter time over the previous models, automates the feeding process which can help to ensure stable operations even in the absence of skilled or experienced personel.

    Reduced ink consumption relative to previous models and 700ml ink tank’s help to contibute to lower running cost for these production print models. The addition of LED interior lights allows users preview prints and semi-translucent ink tank covers allows users to monitor ink tank status.


      29s (Level 5)    
    FAST   0min 47s 1min 42s
    STANDARD   1min 23s 2min 43s



    Aligned with Canon's commitment to environmental responsibility, the new imagePROGRAF GP series demonstrates a concerted effort to minimise its ecological footprint. By employing resources judiciously, minimising waste, enhancing efficiency and fostering innovation, Canon has substantially reduced the use of expanded polystyrene packaging material. For instance, the GP-4600S employs 89.5%5 less polystyrene foam compared to its predecessor.

    Moreover, with reduced power consumption, operating at 94W or less and standby mode at 2.2W or less, the series meets stringent environmental criteria. These efforts have culminated in the series attaining a coveted 'Gold' product rating on the U.S. EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Registry, signifying the highest level of recognition for imaging equipment products in terms of environmental sustainability.



    The LUCIA PRO II ink set empowers users to generate exceptionally durable output, with the new inks delivering significantly enhanced abrasion resistance on various photo papers. This ensures that printed materials, including posters, withstand handling, transportation and mounting with minimal risk of scratching. Moreover, the incorporation of a highly light-resistant pigment in the ink set dramatically augments colour fastness, potentially preserving artwork for up to 200 years, thus ensuring long-lasting quality and endurance.



    The new series includes a newly developed ink sensing system that periodically monitors ink ejection condition and optimises ink landing position by detecting deterioration of ejecting condition and automatically performing alignment adjustment.

    The intelligent media handling function automatically detects the paper type, width and estimated remaining amount of paper, plus it completes the paper feeding process in a shorter time than previous models. The automation of this process will help ensure stable operations even in the absence of skilled or experienced personnel.



    The addition of LED interior lights allows users to preview prints and semi-translucent ink tank covers allows users to monitor ink tank status.

    The printer is equipped with a "Smart Roll Paper Set" function that allows you to complete the paper roll setting operation by simply placing the paper roll on the paper source.

    The printer automatically performs a series of operations, including paper feeding and delivery, paper width and type detection, and paper remaining amount detection, and automatically adjusts the printer to a printable state. Because the operator can leave the paper after it is loaded, the constraint time for the roll paper set is drastically reduced. In addition, there is no need for tedious work such as putting the tip of the paper roll in place or sending the paper out, and since it does not touch the paper surface, it prevents degradation of image quality by applying fingerprints and dirt to the printing surface.


  • Other available models

    Canon imagePROGRAF GP-2600S | 24" Printer

    Canon imagePROGRAF GP-4600S | 44" Printer

    Canon imagePROGRAF GP-6600S | 60" Printer

  • What's in the box

    Printer, Printer Stand, 1 Print head, Power Cable, 1 Set of starter ink tanks, Installation Guide, Safety/Standard Environment leaflet, LFP Eur Address Sheet, Important Information Sheet, Stack Printer Stand Setup Guide, Notice for PosterArtist WEB

  • Specifications


    • Printer Type - 7 Colours 24"
    • Print Technology - Canon Bubblejet on Demand 12 colours integrated type (12 chips per print head x 1 print head)
    • Print Resolution - 2,400 x 1,200 dpi
    • Number of Nozzles - 18,432 nozzles (MBK/C/M/Y/O:1536nozzles x2, PBK/GY:1536nozzles x1)
    • Line Accuracy - ±0.1% or less User adjustments necessary. Printing environment and media must match those used for the adjustments.
    • Nozzle Pitch  - 600 dpi x 2 includes Non-firing nozzle detection and compensation system
    • Ink Droplet Size - minimum 4pl per colour
    • Ink Capacity - Bundled Starter Ink: 1970ml (160ml for PBK & Grey, 330ml for others) Sales Ink: 160ml / 330ml / 700ml
    • Ink Type - Pigment inks : 7 colours (Matte Black, Photo Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Grey, Orange)
    • OS Compatibility - 32 Bit: Windows7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 64 Bit: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2, 2016, 2019, 2022 Apple Macintosh: macOS 10.15.7~macOS 13
    • Other Supported Job Submission Protocols Apple AirPrint
    • Printer Languages PDF (Ver.1.7), JPEG (Ver. JFIF 1.02)
    • Standard Interfaces USB A Port: USB Memory (Direct Print) for PDF/JPEG files USB B Port: Hi-Speed USB Ethernet: IEEE802.3ab(1000base-T), IEEE802.3u(100BASE-TX)/IEEE802.3 (10BASE-T) Wireless LAN1: IEEE802.11n/IEEE802.11g/IEEE802.11b



    • Standard Memory 3GB Expansion slot : No
    • Hard Drive 500 GB (Encrypted HDD)



    • Poster - Plain paper (A1): 0:29 (Level 5) / Coated paper (A1) 0:47 (Fast) 1:23 (Standard) / Glossy Photo Paper (A1) 1:42 (Fast) 2:43 (Standard)



    • Media Feed and Output Upper Roll Paper : One Roll, Upper-loading, Front Output Lower Roll Paper: One Roll, Front-loading, Front Output Cut Sheet : Upper-loading, Front Output (Manual feed using media locking lever)
    • Media Width - Roll paper: 152.4 - 610mm Cut sheet: 152.4 - 610mm
    • Media Thickness - Roll/Cut : 0.07 - 0.8mm
    • Minimum Printable Length Roll paper: 101.6mm (Cross and canvas paper: 200mm) Cut sheet: 203.2mm
    • Maximum Printable Length Roll paper: 18m (varies according to the OS and application) Cut sheet : 1.6m
    • Maximum Media Roll Diameter - 170mm
    • Media Core Size - Internal diameter of roll core: 2"/3"
    • Margins Recommended Area Roll paper: Top: 20mm, Bottom: 3mm, Side: 3mm Cut sheet: Top: 20mm, Bottom:20mm, Side:3mm
    • Margins Printable Area - Roll paper: Top: 3mm, Bottom: 3mm, Side: 3mm Roll paper (borderless): Top: 0mm, Bottom: 0mm, Side: 0mm Cut sheet: Top: 3mm, Bottom: 12.7mm, Side: 3mm
    • Media Feed Capacity - Roll Paper: Two rolls. Automatic switching is possible Roll Paper, Cut Sheet: Manual switching is possible Cut Sheet: 1 sheet
    • Media Take-Up Roll - Unit Dual direction roll take up unit allowing print surface to be wound inside or outside of the roll
    • Borderless Printing Width - (Roll Only) [Recommended] 515mm(JIS B2), 594mm(ISO A1), 10”, 14”, 17”, 24” [Printable] 257mm(JIS B4), 297mm(ISO A3), 329mm(ISO A3+), 364mm(JIS B3/B4), 420mm(ISO A2), 6’’, 8”, 12’’, 15’’, 16”, 18’’, 20’’, 22’’, 300mm, 500mm, 600mm Other than above, free size borderless printing is supported on only roll paper by user definition
    • Maximum Number of Delivered Prints - Standard position: 1 sheet Flat position: A2 landscape, glossy paper less than 10 sheets, coated paper less than 20 sheets (excludes strong curled condition)



    • Power Supply AC 100-240V (50-60Hz)
    • Power Consumption Operation: 91W or less Sleep mode: 2.2W or less Default setting for the time to enter the Sleep mode: Approx. 5 minutes Power off: 0.1W or less
    • Operating Environment Temperature: 15-30℃, Humidity: 10-80% RH (no dew condensation)
    • Acoustic Noise (Power/Pressure) Operation: Approx. 48dB(A) (Measured based on ISO7779 Photo Glossy Paper HG/Standard/24") Standby: 35 dB(A) or less Operation: 6.5 Bels or less (Measured based on ISO7779 Photo Glossy Paper HG/Standard/24")
    • Regulations CE mark, UKCA mark
    • Environment Certificates CB certfication, EPEAT GOLD
  • Optional extras


    • Optional Items

      2"/3" Roll Holder: RH2-29 
      Roll Unit: RU-23


    • User Replaceable Items

      Ink Tank: MBK: PFI-2100(160ml)/PFI-2300(330ml)/PFI-2700(700ml) 
      Print Head: PF-10 
      Cutter Blade: CT-07 
      Maintenance Cartridge: MC-30

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  • Product Caption

    Canon imagePROGRAF GP-2600S 24” Printer (6411C003AA) - DATA SHEET

  • Product Caption

    Canon imagePROGRAF GP-2600S 24” Printer (6411C003AA) - CANON GP SERIES MAGNIFICENT 8 BROCHURE