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Objet30 Prime 3D Printer

Objet30 Prime 3D Printer

  • Description

    3D print your biggest ideas right on your desktop with the ultimate in precision and versatility. The Objet30 Prime is the only desktop 3D printer in the world that works with 12 materials and gives you specialized properties like flexibility and biocompatibility.

    12 3D Printing Materials on Your Desktop


    Explore new possibilities for desktop 3D printing. Print precise consumer-product prototypes with smooth surfaces and flexible components. Use Rubber material to prototype gaskets, plugs and seals. 3D print usable medical implements – like ear forms or surgical guides – that require prolonged contact with skin.

    The Objet30 Prime also delivers versatility with three print modes: high-quality, high-speed, and new draft mode, a fast, economical mode exclusive to the Prime. Try out even your boldest ideas in three dimensions, from the moment of inspiration to late-stage design reviews.

    Stratasys Objet30 Prime Professional Desktop 3D Printer
    The Most Advanced PolyJet Desktop 3D Printer

    A range of new possibilities for desktop 3D printing. 3D Print precise prototypes with different levels of hardness, flexibility as well as multiple finishes. Take advantage of Rubber to prototype plugs, seals, gaskets and more. 3D Print medically safe products including ear pieces or surgical guides that require prolonged skin contact.

    The Objet30 Prime has the added benefits of three print modes: High-quality, high-speed and the new Draft Mode which is a quick and economical setting exclusive to the Objet30 Prime. Try any stage of your idea in 3D, from concepts to late-stage reviews.


    The Objet30 Prime offers the widest range of materials for a desktop system including:

    • Rigid Opaque materials in serveral colours including white, grey, blue and black

    • Transparent materials  for creating clear and tinted prototypes with dimensional stability and smooth surfaces

    • High Temperature materials for advanced testing such as hot air and water flow

    • Simulated Polyproylene materials with durability to create living hinges, closures and snap-fit parts with smooth finishes.

    • Rubber materials for a range of applications including soft surfaces and grips

    • Bio-compatible materials for medical and dental products including surgical guides and hearing aids.