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HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer

HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer

  • Description

    Meet aggressive deadlines with the fastest production printer for monochrome and colour. Set a new technical document quality standard. Print GIS maps and point-of-sale (POS) posters at breakthrough speeds and grow your business. Operate at low costs.


    Meet the tightest deadlines

    • Print up to 30 D/A1 pages/minute—the fastest print speed in the market, even versus LED

    • Deliver mixed monochrome and color sets in 50% of the time with a consolidated workflow

    • Start printing in 50% of the time —an ultra-fast processor, native PDF management, HP SmartStream software

    • Free up the operator—production stacker/online folder, up to 6 rolls, dual ink supplies with auto-switch


    Fast colour, excellent document quality

    • Generate new business growth—print GIS map and point-of-sale (POS) poster applications at breakthrough speeds

    • Set a new technical document standard with crisp lines, fine detail, and smooth grayscales that beat LED

    • HP PageWide XL pigment ink for dark blacks, vivid colour and moisture/fade resistance—even on uncoated bond

    • Print on a wide range of media up to 40 inches/101.6 cm—covering ISO/US technical and offset standards


    Low cost, dependable operation

    • Low cost of operation in monochrome and colour versus LED with long-life printheads, high ink efficiency

    • Eliminate manual steps and simplify your workflow with a consolidated monochrome and colour solution

    • Rely on proven HP PageWide Technology for dependable, high-volume print production

    • Help reduce downtime—innovative cloud-based support—self-monitoring, proactive alerts, automatic maintenance

    Based on reliable HP Thermal Inkjet technology and HP PageWide XL pigment ink, HP PageWide Technology offers high quality at high printing speeds. Scalable to meet a wide range of application and performance requirements, HP PageWide Technology provides low cost of operation in both monochrome and colour.

    HP PageWide Technology

    The HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer includes a stationary 40-inch (101.6-cm) printbar that spans the whole printing width. As paper moves under the printbar, the entire page is printed in one pass, enabling very high printing speeds.


    HP PageWide XL pigment ink for HP PageWide XL printers

    HP PageWide XL pigment ink is specially designed to provide reliable and dependable operation with HP PageWide XL printers and produce high-quality output:

    • Dark blacks and vivid colours, including when using uncoated bond papers

    • Moisture- and fade-resistant prints


    Reliable operation for high-volume printing

    Designed for high-volume operation, the HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer is based on proven HP PageWide Technology, currently powering HP Inkjet Web Presses—producing 4 billion impressions annually—and HP X series business printers. HP 841 PageWide XL Printheads provide reliable and long-life operation, with an average life per printhead of 32 litres.


    End-to-end productivity

    HP PageWide XL systems have been designed to help you provide radically faster delivery. To help you meet aggressive deadlines, productivity is optimized in every step of the workflow:

    ·         Using HP SmartStream Preflight Manager, jobs can be prepared in 50% of the time

    ·         With an ultra-fast processor and the embedded Adobe PDF Print Engine 3,10 HP PageWide XL printers are designed to quickly process including the most complex jobs

    ·         Printing up to 30 D/A1 pages/minute with outstanding sustained capacity thanks to:

    ·         Breakthrough print engine speed of up to 23 metres / minute (75 feet/minute)

    ·         Very short time between pages (up to 0.15 seconds)  

    ·         Extended time between service station cycles (up to hundreds of pages)

    ·         Quick switches between loaded rolls (under 5 seconds)  

    ·         Bidirectional communication between the HP PageWide XL printer and the production stacker/online folder provides reliable operation


    Set a new quality standard for technical documents

    HP 841 PageWide XL Printheads, working with HP PageWide XL pigment ink, are designed to produce durable and high-quality output with dark blacks and vivid colours. Accurate and reliable dot placement results in crisp lines, fine detail, and smooth grayscales. HP PageWide XL printers do not apply heat to the paper as part of the printing process, enabling very high levels of length accuracy (±0.1%).

    Save time and reduce complexity by consolidating your monochrome and colour workflows

    In reprographics environments, it is very common to print mixed monochrome and colour sets— typically a long and complex process since color and monochrome pages must be manually separated by an operator, who must then send colour and monochrome pages to two different printers (most likely using two different types of software), and then finally manually collate the monochrome and colour pages together.

    By consolidating monochrome and colour at breakthrough printing speeds, HP PageWide XL printers remove manual steps from the process and allow delivering mixed sets in 50% of the time.



  • Key features

    ·         Up to 6 rolls—automatic roll switching when a roll is depleted or a different page size is selected

    ·         Dual HP ink supplies with auto-switch— replace used cartridges while the printer is running

    ·         High-capacity output solutions specially designed to keep up with HP PageWide XL printers speed (high-capacity stacker or online folder)

    ·         8-inch touch screen—status light reports current status and provides progressive alerts on potential issues that could impact production (i.e., out of paper or ink)

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    HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer Brochure