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Autodesk Inventor - Quarterly Subscription

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  • Description

    Inventor 2016 enables you to break through boundaries typically associated with 3D modelling, delivering an invaluable connected design experience between you, the data, people, and processes involved in getting your job done. From providing seamless parametric, direct editing, and freeform design tools, to associatively connecting your Inventor data to non-native CAD formats, to truly integrating your electrical and mechanical data into a single design - Inventor 2016 helps you connect with your design like never before

    Work More Efficiently in a Multi-CAD Environment

    New Technology for Importing Files from other CAD Systems.

    • An associative import of CAD data from CATIA, SolidWorks, NX, Pro-E/Creo, and Alias files allows you to maintain a link to the selected file. The imported geometry in Inventor updates as the model changes.
    • Selective import support allows you to only read in the geometry that is important to you, speeding the import process: The new Select tab provides you the option to specify which objects to import when importing a CATIA, SolidWorks, Pro-E/Creo, NX, Alias, STEP, IGES, or Rhino file.
    • Multi-thread support has been enabled. This allows Inventor to more efficiently use the available hardware on which Inventor is running. As a result, you will experience improved performance when working on files from other CAD systems.
    • The options for importing CATIA , SolidWorks, Pro-E/Creo, NX, Alias, STEP, IGES, Rhino, SAT, Parasolid Binary files are simplified and provide clear choices for import.

    Associative DWG

    • Quickly insert an AutoCAD DWG file in an Inventor part file as a DWG underlay using the Import command in the 3D Model tab, Create panel.
    • You can add assembly relationships to underlay geometry.
    • Use the Project DWG Geometry command to project DWG geometry, polylines, open or closed loops, and DWG blocks. Then you can use the projected sketch elements to create modeling features.
    • Your 3D Inventor models based on the DWG geometry update when the 2D geometry changes in AutoCAD.

    AutoCAD Electrical and Inventor Interoperability

    • The new Electromechanical link between Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical provides a smooth data exchange between your 2D and 3D electrical designs.
    • When you create a link between an AutoCAD Electrical and an Inventor assembly (not available in Inventor LT), the project files become associative: Design data changes made in one product are updated in the other via Sync.
    • The Location View command on the new Electromechanical tab on the Assembly (not available in Inventor LT) ribbon in Inventor displays the devices and wiring contained in both the AutoCAD Electrical Drawings and Inventor Assemblies.



    3D PrintingInventor 3D Printer Tool Environment - A new environment is added that lets you position and orient your design within the print space of the selected 3D printer. You can also update the part in the print environment that does not impact the source document. When you are finished, you can send the results to Print Studio or other printing software to begin printing the part.

  • Key Features

    Engineering design productivity

    • AnyCAD ( New )


      AnyCAD is integrated file interoperability technology provides direct associative abilities without the need for file translation.

    • Sheet metal design ( New )


      Simplify sheet metal design and complex mechanical part design, and improve your productivity with Digital Prototyping. Inventor combines manufacturing information—such as punch tool parameters and custom bend tables—with an accurate 3D model of sheet metal folding.

    • Harness and cable design ( New )


      Incorporate cable and harness runs into your 3D digital prototype to calculate accurate path lengths and avoid small-radii bends. The digital prototype helps ensure that electrical components fit into the mechanical assembly before manufacturing.

    • Free-form modelling shape creation ( New )


      Model organic shapes, and incorporate free-form and parametric workflows into a single model. These tools provide an alternate modelling approach to explore and create free-form shaped models using direct manipulation. Start with a free-form shape that best represents the desired geometry (box, sphere, cylinder, torus, or quadball), then use the free-form editing tools to adjust the shape.

    • Customisable Inventor Home ( New )


      Customise the new Inventor Home to easily access common tasks.

    • Assembly design and ease of assembly


      Control data for large-assembly designs so you can work on components for just part of the design. Define position and describe part motion in 1 step. Combine design accelerators with assembly tools to be sure that every part and component in an assembly design fits correctly. Accurately validate interference and mass properties to help produce quality products the first time. Quickly assemble individual parts and sub-assemblies to define the complete product structure.

    • Layout and system design


      Dynamic sketch blocks enable you to evaluate concepts, and convert sketches into a fully constrained 3D assembly model to form a 3D digital prototype. Design accelerators offer the fastest way to add the remaining components, such as drive mechanisms, fasteners, steel frames and hydraulic systems. Move your initial design studies from paper by using the parametric design environment to develop initial concept sketches and kinematic models, and quickly investigate multiple design concepts.

    • Plastic part design


      Get maximum flexibility by combining native Inventor geometry with exterior surface models designed in Alias industrial design software. The relationship between Alias and Inventor can reduce time to market, enabling engineers to start detailed designs earlier, and mechanical engineers to easily incorporate changes from the industrial design team.

    • Rules-based design


      Accelerate mechanical engineering design, and enable engineers to focus on design intent with rules-based design and automation tools. Integrated Inventor iLogic technology simplifies rules-based design. Even users with little or no programming experience can capture and embed engineering and product knowledge directly into virtual models. iCopy automates the process of copying components, so you can easily customise commonly used assemblies.

    • Tube and pipe design


      Use rules-based routing tools that select the correct fittings, and help ensure that pipe runs comply with standards.

    • Tooling and mould design


      Automate key aspects of injection mould design for plastic parts. Quickly create and validate complete mould designs, helping to reduce errors, and improve mould performance. With its intuitive mould design workflow, Inventor guides you through the mould design process in a way that is natural for the experienced user, and supportive for the novice.

    • Large-assembly design (enhanced)


      Speed the creation, management and documentation of large, complex assembly designs. Inventor combines design accelerators with assembly tools to help you to ensure that every part and component in an assembly design fits correctly. Accurately validate interference and mass properties to help produce quality products the first time. The improved Express Mode and greatly enhanced graphic performance help to provide faster results.

    • Sketch constraint control


      Get your sketches in shape faster and more easily with new constraint tools and settings. With the new Relax Mode you can modify geometries that are already constrained. You gain greater control over constraints with improved display, inference and delete options. Sketch constraints-related settings have also been reorganised into a single Constraint Settings command.

    • Edit geometry directly


      Use Direct Edit to parametrically move, size, rotate and delete imported solid models or native Inventor files.

    CAD file conversion & compatibility

    • AutoCAD integration and DWG compatibility ( New )


      Directly read and write the true DWG™ file format. With AutoCAD DWG conversion you can share critical design data with partners and customers. Integrate AutoCAD drawings and 3D CAD data into a single digital model, creating a virtual representation of the final product.

    • BIM compatibility


      Inventor includes tools designed specifically for mechanical engineers and fabricators who work with architects, builders and contractors. Easy-to-use geometry simplification tools reduce model complexity, and use feature recognition to represent your Inventor designs, with native features recognised by Revit building design software.

    • CAD file conversion and data exchange


      Inventor offers CAD translation tools, including native translators that read and write files from other CAD applications. Inventor also includes translators for industry-standard formats such as IGES and STEP. These translators enable you to accept and supply data in customers' preferred formats.

    CAD rendering & design documentation

    • Manufacturing and design documentation


      Generate engineering and manufacturing design documentation from digital prototypes to help reduce errors and deliver designs in less time. Inventor extends the advantages of AutoCAD design and documentation software with automatic drawing views, and comprehensive tools for finishing drawings.

    • Data management


      Included Vault data management software helps workgroups manage and track design components of a digital prototype. Re-use critical design data, manage bills of materials (BOMs), and collaborate earlier with manufacturing teams, suppliers and clients using Autodesk PLM 360 cloud-based product lifecycle management software.

    • CAD rendering and visualisation tools


      Clear visuals make it easier for stakeholders and customers who don't have engineering experience to understand engineering drawings and designs. Visualisation tools help you to quickly create photo-realistic CAD renderings and animations that can convey ideas to managers, explain designs to manufacturers, and persuade customers that you have the best solution for their needs.

    Integrated CAD simulation

    • Integrated motion simulation


      Use motion simulation software—not intuition—to support your design decisions. The motion simulation feature uses the assembly constraints in your 3D model to identify relevant rigid bodies, generate correct motion joints, and compute dynamic behaviour. This functionality can help you quickly understand how the design behaves, including the position, velocity and acceleration of moving parts.

    • Integrated finite element analysis


      Increase the accuracy and reliability of your design stress analysis. Use integrated finite element analysis (FEA) to predict stress and deflection with accurate peak loads by transferring reaction forces from simulation time steps to stress analysis


  • Autodesk Inventor System Requirements

    Build and Customise a workstation suitable to run your AutoCAD Inventor Desktop subscription

    Build your Desktop Subscription Workstation with the on-line configuration tool, simply select an Autodesk product and you will be offered multiple machines and can personally enhance the spec. You can then buy online and expect delivery within 24 hours for off the shelf machines and between 48-72 hours for enhanced.

    HP Z Workstation Custom Build


  • About Desktop Subscription

    After 31st January you will no longer be able to purchase AutoCAD perpetual or other Autodesk Licenses and by the end of June more Autodesk products will be removed from sale, you can still benefit from upgrades if you have an active maintenance subscription but if this lapses there will be no grace period to renew, understand how you can rent your CAD & BIM software by Visiting our UK Autodesk Store


  • Advanced Support

    Add on Autodesk Advanced Support, so you can:

    • Resolve issues and get back to work with one-to-one phone support and remote desktop assistance from senior Autodesk support specialists.
    • Receive unlimited, global phone support in English during extended hours, as well as phone support in a number of local languages during local business hours.
    • Keep your skills sharp and speed your implementation of Autodesk software with exclusive on-demand training webcasts.
    • Access API support: Get expert help for your internal tool development needs.