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Mutoh ValueJet 1324

Mutoh ValueJet 1324 54" Eco-solvent printer

  • Description

    The new 4-colour, ValueJet 1324 features a brand new drop-on-demand printhead with 1440 nozzles to deliver stunning performance at up to 29m²/h as well as improved print quality at higher speeds.

    The ease-of-use of the ValueJet range has been further extended with the ValueJet 1324/1624. A newly designed kyeboard offers easy and logical access to all the printer menus and an automatic cutter has been added to cut off finished prints. On the ValueJet 1324, and L-shaped cover has been added to allow easy access for periodical maintenance and the ValueJet 1624 has a tiltable ink cassette holder which saves space and enables the loading of different ink cassette volumes. In addition these new printers also feature:

    Mutoh's award-winning Intelligent Interweaving print technology (I²). I² drastically reduces or even completely eliminates defects such as horizontal banding, ink mottle, bleed and the visible effects of missing or misfiring nozzles. To achieve this, ink is laid down in carefully optimised wave forms as opposed to the straight lines used on most wide format printers.

    New Print Head The new ValueJets incorporate a new generation 'wide' 1440 nozzle piezo drop-on-demand printhead. Each colour section has 360 nozzles (2 x 180 nozzle rows/colour). The head is capable of producing ink drops ranging from 3.5pl to 35pl, allowing a wider range of ink dots at faster speed.

    Inks The new ValueJet 1324 and 1624 printers are compatible with Mutoh's Eco-Ultra ink which are based on non-aggressive solvents that do not spread any harmful VOC's and do not require any forced ventilation in the workplace. Eco Ultra ink features improved ink fixation, better drying times, higher print speeds and better resistance to abrasion. The ValueJet 1324 uses 220ml cartridges, the ValueJet 1624 uses both 220ml and 440ml cartridges.

    Performance: Typical production speeds at 720 x 720 dpi (4 pass) are 14.5m²/h (VJ-1624) and 11.8m²/h (VJ-1324).

    The ValueJet 1624's top speed is 29m²/h and the ValueJet 1324's top speed is 27.9m²/h.

    Optional Spectrophotometer: The new ValueJet's can be fitted with Mutoh's optional SpectroVue VM-10 spectrophotometer. Directly attachable to the carriage or printer shuttle, the VM-10 allows colour drift to be monitored over time, from job-to-job or even within a large job. The VM-10 can also be used to build ICC colour profiles and linearization files in combination with supporting software.

  • Specifications


    Technical Key Specifictions

    Print Technology Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology
    Print Head 1
    Nozzle Configuration 180 nozzles x 8 lines
    Drop Mass Range (pl) 3.5 to 35.2
    Head Heights Low: 1.2 mm
    High: 2.0 mm

    Media Specifications

    Max. Media Width 1371 mm (53,97”)
    Max. Print Width 1361 mm (53,58”)
    Max. Media Thickness 0.3 / 1.3 mm *
    * : Max. media thickness is specified per head
    Media Measurements * Ø 150 mm / 2” & 3” / 19 kg
    * : Standard non-motorised roll-off system
    Media Drying System Individually controlled pre-heater, fixer & dryer (30 - 50 °C)


    High Quality (720 x 1080) 3.9 m²/h
    Quality (720 x 720) 5.9 m²/h
    Quality Production (720 x 1080) 7.9 m²/h
    Production (720 x 720) 11.8 m²/h
    Speed Production (720 x 720) 16.4 m²/h
    Billboard (360 x 720) 27.9 m²/h

    Ink Specifications

    Ink Type Eco Ultra
    Ink Volume 220 ml
    Ink Colours CMYK
    Ink Consumption * 8 ml / m²
    * : Average ink consumption at @720 dpi coverage of 67 %
    UV durability—without lamination 3 years outdoor *
    * : For heavy duty applications where mechanical stress is involved, lamination is required. Stabilisation is required prior to lamination.

    Power Consumption

    During Printing 500 W
    In Stand?by 45 W
    Warming Up ≤1550 W
    Power Supply AC 100?120 V / AC 200?240 ? 60/50 Hz

    Recommended Working Environment

    Temperature 22°C - 30 °C with Δt: max. 2 °C/h
    Humidity 40% - 60 % (no condensation) with ΔRH: max. 5% RH/h

    Machine Measurements

    Width x Depth x Height 1916 x 685 x 1218 mm
    Weight 82.3 kg