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MakerBot Method X Standalone SR-30 Support Extruder 2XA 900-0044A

  • Description

    Method x

    MakerBot Method X Standalone SR30 Support Extruder 2XA 900-0044A:

    The Support 2XA Performance Extruder is optimised for high speed and accurate printing using SR-30 soluble support materials to accompany model materials like ABS and ASA.  Featuring a 0.4mm diameter nozzle delivering 200 Newtons of torque with a 19:1 dural-drive gear ratio, with smart sensors that detect temperature, materials, and jamming to protect your print.  The lengthened thermal core helps to ensure a one-minute heat up time. The extruder has a quick-release locking mount for stable printing and quick swapability.  To view to full range of MakerBot filaments please click here.

    SR-30 is a proprietary material developed by Stratasys to work seamlessly with ABS, ASA, and various other high-temp materials. Because of this focused development, using SR-30 with these typically more challenging materials can yield exceptional results not possible with PVA which is very difficult to use with ABS.

    Compared to water soluble PVA, SR-30 requires additional products to aid dissolution. STRATASYS Ecoworks Cleaning Agent 2SSY680 tablets are designed to remove support material from parts manufactured using the FDM process.  These tablets are user- and eco-friendly requiring no gloves of special disposal requirements.

    The Stratasys SCA 1200HDT Support Cleaning Tank is designed to dissolve support material from 3D models created on any of the Stratasys & Makerbot Method X 3D Printers that use Soluble Support Technology. A versatile system offers temperature choices that readily clean supports from all the SST-compatible materials ABS, PC, and nylon. The SCA-1200 basket can hold parts up to 254 x 254 x 304.8 mm and can therefore clean a single large part, or multiple smaller parts in its tank saving time when multiple parts require cleaning.



    • SMART SENSORS FOR MATERIAL MANAGEMENT & PRINT PROTECTION:  The Performance Extruder contains a suite of sensors that detect when material is running low & allows for active jam detection during the entire print duration.
    • GREATER TORQUE WITH A 19:1 DUAL-DRIVE GEAR RATIO:  A 19:1 dual-drive gear ratio keeps material loaded and ready for reliable material extrusion at every layer.
    • LENGTHENED THERMAL CORE LESS THAN 60 SECONDS HEAT UP TIME: A lengthened thermal core and a fast start up time ensure that materials are ready to go when your ideas are.
    • QUICK-RELEASE LOCKING EXTRUDER MOUNT:  For high stability printing and easy swapping.
    Compatible with METHOD X and METHOD X CARBON FIBER EDITION 3D Printers.


    Print real, production-grade ABS at 100°C with no warping or cracking supported by Stratasys® SR-30 soluble material for unlimited geometric freedom. MakerBot ABS for METHOD is capable of withstanding 15°C higher temperatures, is 26% more rigid, and 12% stronger than modified ABS material formulations for alternative desktop 3D printers -  features normally associated with industrial 3D, offering uncompromised Layer adhesion & part strength thanks to the Circulating Heated Chamber developed using Patented Stratasys technology which bridges the gap between industrial & Desktop 3D Printing.

    Control the temperature and quality of every layer - not just the first. While heated build plates are effective at reducing warping, Method takes this further with full active heat immersion during the entire duration of the print.

    Method x materials comparison


    Method x heated chamber

    makerbot method material bayOptimised Material Storage

    Dry-Sealed Material Bays form a near-perfect seal to keep material free of damaging humidity. A suite of built-in sensors provides that your material is stored in its optimal environment.

    Smart Spool provides valuable information including material type, colour & amount remaining via RFID chip directly to MakerBot Print, while a built-in desiccant absorbs any moisture exposure during the material loading process. In addition to ABS you can also utilise all the standard METHOD materials......


    Method 3d printer spool


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    MakerBot Method X Standalone SR-30 Support Extruder 2XA 900-0044A - DATA SHEET