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HP Designjet T125 and T130 A1 Plotter

HP Designjet T130 T125 A1 Printer 5ZY57A 5ZY58A

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  • HP DesignJet T130 24-in Printer 5ZY58A - SPECIAL OFFER - 2 YEAR WARRANTY:
    £693.60 inc VAT, £578.00 ex VAT

    HP DesignJet T130 24-in Printer 5ZY58A - SPECIAL OFFER - 2 YEAR WARRANTY

    £693.60 inc VAT, £578.00 ex VAT

    In Stock - Includes: FREE Mainland UK Delivery, FREE plot-IT Paper roll, HP designjet T130, HP 711 Printhead, introductory ink cartridges, Paper spindle, quick reference guide, setup poster, startup software, power cord, Manufacturers warranty. HP Designjet Utility for Windows®W Driver, Driverless printing for MAC via HP Click Software. Price includes HP CASH BACK INCENTIVE already calculated in to price.

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  • HP DesignJet T125 24-in Printer 5ZY57A:
    £658.80 inc VAT, £549.00 ex VAT

    HP DesignJet T125 24-in Printer 5ZY57A

    £658.80 inc VAT, £549.00 ex VAT

    Please Note Out of stock, anticipated shipping date 07/08 - Includes: FREE Mainland UK Delivery, FREE plot-IT Paper roll, HP DesignJet T125 windows Printer, HP 711 Printhead, introductory ink cartridges, spindle, quick reference guide, setup poster, startup software, power cord, Manufacturers warranty, HP Designjet Utility for Windows®W Driver, Driverless printing for MAC via HP Click Software.

    Not the right product for you? Look at related products

  • Description

    HP designjet T125 T130

    The HP Designjet T125 & T130 A1 plotter / printer with Wi-Fi connectivity produces stunning colour results from both an  A1 / A2 roll feed or A3 / A4  sheet tray.

    This four colour CAD plotter is capable of delivering   CAD / Construction drawings in both black and white or colour as well as high quality Graphics. It is ideal for printing CAD / Construction drawings. The HP Designjet T125 prints an A1 plan in just 45 seconds when in fast mode, providing quick at elbow printing of your wide-format sizes.




    T125 T130 Wi-fi ready

    Convenient Connectivity - With  Fast Ethernet (100Base-T), certified Hi-Speed USB 2.0 & Wi-Fi all as standard.

    MOBILE - Easily print from smartphone or tablet (Designjet T130 only) 

    •Print straight from your Apple® or Android™  smartphone/tablet wherever you are with HP  Mobile Printing
    •If you’re on-the-go, attach your document to an email & send it direct to your printer via HP ePrint.


    HP Designjet T125 T130 control PanelIdeal for users who wish to plot A1 A2 or even A3 wide format drawings and have the versatility to be able to print A4 word docs as well via the  handy rear mounted sheet tray which holds up to  50 sheets.

    T125 T130 rear Roll Feed


    Media loading choices include an online 50 meter front loading roll feed, A3 - A4 cut sheet tray and manual bypass, with a diverse choice of medias.


    T125 T130 ink bay

    Ink Cartridges can be quickly replaced from the front and simply slide in to place. with a choice of an 80 ML High-Capcity cartridge or 38 ML Black and with Cyan, Yellow and Magenta in 29 ML which can be purchased in singles or a multi-buy pack of three of each colour.

    Ink levels are displayed on the control screen and on your desktop.

    HP designjet T125 T130 Stand



    Extremely lightweight at under 30 kilos (when roll loaded) the Designjet T125 or T130 can easily be sat on a suitable shelf or desk, alternatively you can order the optional stand and print catcher if desired. NB The stand is included with the T525 and T530 but is purchasable with a T125 or T130, we do offer a bundle deal though




    The HP Designjet T125 and T130 are identical in appearance the - Key differences between the T125 & T130 -  are firstly PRICE the T125 is significantly better value than the T130 with a typical saving of around 20%, The T125 is fractionally slower in output time but this will not be noticed by low volume users where this series is aimed at, in addition the T130 comes with mobile printing but is rarely used on users of the old T120 model, the final difference is the T130 has 2 rather than 1 year warranty, however even with the purchase of a two year extension pack the T125 is still better value. Our Choice is the better value for money HP Designjet T125

  • Our Opinion

    HP Designjet T125 T130 Review

    The HP DesignJet T125 and T130 are the latest in HP's most successful plotter range to date, replacing the Designjet T120 which enjoyed world wide sales higher than any previous  A1 / A2 wide-format machine.

    HP have made the decision to split this model in to 2 seperate plotters for the UK/EU market area based on the activity of existing users of T120, in the US there is a third model the HP Designjet T100 (not available in UK/EU) 

    The HP DesignJet T125 which is our preference is the lower cost of the 2 models and in our opinion delivers much better value for money with an approximate RRP saving of around 20%, inks and consumables are all identical so there is no uplift on print cost.

    Firstly, it should be noted that the T100 series is aimed at small construction companies right the way through the supply chain from Design Teams to Sub-Contractors and Trades who require quick A1 / A2 prints of plans and even renders.  T100 is also ideal for manufacturing environments where drawings are required for shop floor or design purposes.

    Volume - The average volume of machines deployed in working environments of the discontinued Designjet T120 is 38.5 meter per month so approx 45 A1 plots per month, however  plot-IT have customers buying up to 6 rolls of plot paper (50 meter) per month which these machines can cope with (355 A1 Per month) they are designed for small working groups but can cope with bigger volumes when required, typically we would suggest anyone who are outsourcing or currently printing between 10-100 A1 / A2 per month then the T125 & T130 are good choices.

    Differences - The most significant difference is as stated the price, expect to pay 20% less for an HP Designjet T125, this brings the average price down from the old T120 model and is possible by the removal of some under utilised functions.

    The key difference is that T125 firstly is fractionally slower, in fast mode (draft plots)  it operates at a print speed of up to 45 seconds per A1 per hour compared to up to 35 seconds A1 on the T130.

    DRIVERS - MAC OS NOTICE -  Driverless printing for MACS. HP Click software allows for printing from MAC without the need of a driver, check TAB 3 for more information. 

    Reccomendation - As Stated our preference is the lower priced HP Designjet T125, it's ideal for easy desktop printing without some of the additional cost driven frills which are unlikely to be used, speed wise you really won't notice a difference.
    Alternative - As an alternative we would suggest going straight to an HP Designjet T830 24" MFP which offers Copy and Scanning. If you need faster print only, not scanning or copying then we suggest going straight to the T530 24" and skipping the T130, this gives you quicker processing, more memory and a stand, our next choice would be the Designjet T730 which is actually A0 size but offers quick A1 and benefits from larger ink cartrdiges. 
  • Driverless Printing for MAC & Windows

    HP Click printing software, in as little as a single click you can print the most common formats like PDF, JPEG, TIFF, DWF, and HP-GL/2 files from both PC or Mac to HP DesignJet printers. Automatic features optimize media usage and reduce cost.

    You don't have to be an expert to use your wide-format printer, with HP Click you'll find you have less waste and be able to print first time everytime.


    HP Click Nesting Nesting -  Simple settings

    • Real-print preview
    • Drag and Drop multipage PDF
    • From Posters & roll-up banners to CAD drawings & GIS Maps

    HP Click PDF printing PDF .- avoid errors

    Visually see where you have an error prior to printing, not all PDF's are the same and if there is an issue with the file you can avoid the pain before submitting to print.





    HP click resizingRESIZE

    Resize an entire set of drawings to print all at your preferred size, with auto-orientation you can ensure all your A2's for example are fed from the roll feed in landscape to save you paper, time and cost.



    HP Click compare with HP instant Printing

  • FAQ's HP Designjet T125 T130

    HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series - Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the differences between T125 & T130

    T125 & T130 are identical mechanically, they have common parts & components throughout with the same service duty cycles. All consumables are identical. T125 is fractionally slower, please refer to "Printing" selection below for specifications.


    Does the HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series support USB?
    Yes, The HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series has a USB 2.0 to connect a computer directly with a USB cable.
    If a direct connection from a computer is required without LAN, a standard Ethernet cable can be used directly from the computer to the device. No need for network switches/hubs crossed Ethernet cables, or DHCP servers: just an Ethernet cable. Everything will configure automatically, and both the computer and the device will automatically adopt a link-local IP address in the range Then, just add the printer as if it were a network printer.
    Is Wi-Fi connectivity provided with the HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series?
    Yes. The HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series can connect to a Wi-Fi network.
    Will I be able to access all the printer information from my PC or laptop?
    Yes. If your printer is using an Ethernet connection, you will be able to access to your printer information and also to an advanced printer configuration using the Embedded Web Server typing the printing IP address in a supported browser (Chrome, Firefox,
    Safari, Mozilla Firefox). Also, you can monitor the printer or printers of your fleet from the HP DesignJet Utility.
    What are the different options to access the printer remotely through Ethernet
    or WI-FI?
    Embedded Web Server (EWS), HP DesignJet Utility, HP Click Printing Software and HP Smart app. For a remote access using HP Click and HP Smart app, is needed to be connected on the same network as the printer though ethernet or WI-FI.
    What are the supported connectivity interfaces?
    Fast Ethernet (100Base-T), Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified and Wi-Fi.


    Does the HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series support printing from USB stick?
    No, the HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series does not support this feature. Note that USB printing with the direct cable is supported.
    Can the HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series print PDF documents?
    Yes, PDF documents can be printed from both PCs (through the driver and HP Click), and mobile devices (iOS or Android, through HP Smart app), but cannot be printed directly from a USB pen drive.
    Can I check the status of jobs that are printing?
    Yes, you can check it in the printer’s status of your computer.
    What is the maximum printing speed for HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series?
    The printing speed is different depending on the HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series:
    *   HP DesignJet T100 24-in Printer: As fast 70 sec/page on A1; 32 A1 prints per hour 
    ** HP DesignJet T125 24-in Printer: As fast 45 sec/page on A1; 60 A1 prints per hour 
        HP DesignJet T130 24-in Printer: As fast 35 sec/page on A1; 70 A1 prints per hour
    *   T100 Basic unit not available in the EU or UK
    **  T125 Recommended by plot-IT  
    How can I check what jobs are next / in the printing queue?
    There’s no queue in the HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series. If your volume requires a larger queue then contact plot-IT for alternative options.
    What is Mobile Printing?
    With HP Mobile Printing Solutions, you can print straight from your smartphone or tablet in just a few simple steps wherever you are: using your mobile device OS, using HP Smart.
    There are three main methods of mobile printing:
    • Direct print from mobile apps on Android and Chrome OS
    • Using HP Smart app for iOS and Android
    How many printing paths & file formats are supported by HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series?
    • Print any kind of file from a computer connected to the printer by using a software application that can open the file, and a printer driver supplied with your printer
    • Print JPEG, PDF, TIFF, HP-GL2 and DWF (DWF only windows environments) files directly from a computer connected to the printer (Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity), using HP Click
    • Print from a smartphone or tablet through the HP Smart app
    Does the HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series support nest job printing?
    Yes, using the HP Click software.


    What are the media loading options?
    Media can be loaded on the HP DesignJet T125 & T130 Plotter via sheet feed, roll feed, or the input tray. Only one of these methods can be used at a time and switching from one to another is manual: it is not done automatically.
    What is the maximum media thickness that can be loaded and printed?
    The maximum supported paper thickness is 0.3 mm (0.01 in).
    What is the minimum roll width that is supported?
    The minimum supported roll width is 279 mm (11 inches).
    What is the Maximum media roll length? 
    The Designjet T125 & T130 accept 45 or 50 meter in technical paper for drawing plans 75gsm-100gsm. For Photo Satin, Gloss and heavier Matte papers plot-IT only suggest 30mtr rolls. 
    What is the maximum media weight that can be loaded and printed?
    The maximum roll weight is 4.1 kg
    What are the sizes supported by the input tray?
    The following media sizes are supported when using the input tray method:
    • Input tray: 210 x 279 to 330 x 482 mm  A4 / A3 / A3 oversize
    Does the HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series come with an integrated cutter?
    Yes. When enabled, the cutter cuts the paper automatically between jobs. The cutter can also be disabled from the settings in the printer front panel.
    Does the HP DesignJet T100 Printer Series collect my prints? 
    An optional stand is available which includes a plot collection basket, this can be purchased within an HP DesignJet T125 Bundle from plot-IT 
    Can I print on Canvas? 
    No- this plotter is designed for technical Work only Canvas is not supported 

    Ink and Printheads

    Which is the ink capacity of the cartridges?
    The ink capacity of the cartridges is available as follows:
    • Cyan, magenta, yellow: 29-ml   • Black: 38-ml and 80-ml
    Money Saving HP 711 Multipacks can be purchased in single colour triple packs, rainbow packs and dual 711 XL black packs 
    What is the printhead warranty?
    The HP 711 DesignJet Printhead warranty is one year or 4 liters after installation, whichever occurs first. Typically plot-IT see printheads lasting over 2 years, some customers never change their heads but the 1 year warranty offers piece of mind. Printheads are shipped with a pack of starter ink included.
    From what applications can I print?
    You can print from a lot of applications, including but not limited to: AutoCAD, Adobe Acrobat Reader & Pro, Foxit Reader, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, PlanGrid, AutoCAD 360, Dropbox, Documents 5 by Readle, Bluebeam Revu, ArcGIS,
    Dassault –Catia, Microstation, VectorWorks, CoreDraw, Dassault-SolidWorks, Revit, ArchiCAD, MapInfo, AutoDesk Design Review, PTC Pro/Engineer, Sketch Up or AutoCAD MAP 3D.


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