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Autodesk Maya LT 2016

Autodesk Maya LT 2016

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  • Description

    Maya LT game development software is built to help professional indie video game creators realize the full potential of their designs. It provides a powerful set of creative tools and workflow at an affordable price. A diverse set of tools helps artists create 3D content and export it to their game engine faster.


    Maya LT




    Flexible purchase options: Buy online or choose a perpetual license with or without Maintenance Subscription or a Desktop Subscription with pay-as-you-go monthly, quarterly or annual rental options.

    • Modelling improvements NEW

      A new retopology toolset and better Booleans in Maya LT 2015 help improve modeling for game artists.

      • The Quad Draw tool integrates a Relax and Tweak feature with Soft Selection, and a new interactive Edge Extend tool. Artists can optimize meshes for cleaner deformations and better performance from a single toolset within the software.
      • A powerful, efficient new library enables faster and more reliable Boolean operations on polygon geometry. This technology has been extensively tested and optimized on a number of complex high-resolution datasets, and delivers dependable results on open surfaces.
    • OpenSubdiv library NEW

      Model faster with subdivision surfaces by seeing rapidly updated previews as changes are made. 

      • Use the decades of research and experience of the Pixar animation team when using subdivision surface modelling for your game characters and environments.
      • The technology is designed to take advantage of both parallel CPU and GPU architectures, resulting in much faster draw performance.
      • Working with control cages on subdivision surfaces gives a more WYSIWYG-like experience by updating the model much faster when the artist makes changes. 
    • Indie-friendly game modelling tools

      Create and edit characters, props, and environments with sophisticated tools in Maya LT.

      • Polygonal, NURBS, and subdivision surface modelling tools.
      • Bridge, poke, cut, wedge, bevel, extrude, chamfer vertex, extrude along a curve, mirror cut, edge loop, edge ring, slide edge, and pick-walk tools.
      • True soft selection and soft modification.
      • Transfer of UV, colour-per-vertex, and vertex position information between polygon meshes of differing topologies.
      • Nonlinear deformation modifiers: bend, taper/flare, squash, twist, wave, lattice.
    • Optimize game model efficiency

      Ensure the 3D models created for your game are efficient for better performance.

      • Create higher-resolution character and environment models in unlimited scene sizes within Maya LT, then use integrated tools to reduce polygonal resolution for better performance in your game.
      • Optimize content for mobile devices with polygon reduction, data cleanup, blind data tagging, and level-of-detail tools.


    • Improved character animation NEW

      Improvements to the character animation systems make it easier for artists to rig and animate characters for their games.

    • Animation tools for indie game makers

      Bring your characters, props, and environments to life with efficient game animation tools based on Maya and HumanIK animation software.

    • Character skeletons

      Create skeletons for your game characters faster with a set of built-in tools that help make it easier for artists to set up characters for animation.

    • New skin binding technology

      Artists can ensure better binding of their 3D model mesh to their skeleton using the new geodesic voxel binding method.

    Lighting, materials, and texture baking

    • UV editing tool NEW

      Create UV maps more easily with Unfold3D, which helps artists create and edit UVs with visual feedback systems.

    • Substance material integration NEW

      Browse, apply, and edit model materials created in the Allegorithmic Substance Designer procedural texture creation tool to models within the software.

    • Lighting and texture baking

      Efficiently simulate realistic game lighting using global illumination tools to bake lighting data into texture maps, or vertex maps

    • Model material tools

      Use an intuitive toolset designed for nontechnical artists to help create, edit, and adjust game model materials.

    Indie game workflows

    • Send to Unity FBX Export NEW

      Use Autodesk FBX  asset exchange technology to simplify moving 3D content from Maya LT 2015 into Unity.

    • MEL scripting NEW

      Automate tasks with MEL scripting to simplify repetitive or complex tasks.

    • Cloud integration NEW

      Integrations with Dropbox, Autodesk 360 , and 123D apps let indie game teams more easily share game assets with each other through the cloud. 

    • Walk tool NEW

      Use the mouse and WASD keys to move the perspective camera while working on assets, just like a first-person game. 



    HP Z Workstation Custom Build

    Build a powerful desktop Workstation or Mobile Device for your Maya LT Software with the HP Z workstation Configuration Tool

    System requirements for Maya LT 2015

    • Windows 8 or Windows 7 Professional Edition with Service Pack 1, Apple Mac OS X 10.8.5 and 10.9.x operating system
    • 64-bit Intel or AMD multicore processor
    • Microsoft DirectX 11 compatible graphics card
    • 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
    • 4 GB of free disk space for installation
    • Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox web browser
    • Three-button mouse

    Maya LT 2015 is also capable of running on certain other configurations. However, enumerating systems that are not tested and cannot be supported or that fall below the Autodesk recommended minimum system requirements for a productive user experience is beyond the scope of the Autodesk online certification charts.

    Autodesk is not responsible for errors or failures of Autodesk software arising from the installation of updates, extensions or new releases issued by third party hardware or software vendors for the certified software or hardware identified in this document (or for any other third party software or hardware that you may use in connection with Autodesk products).